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       爱丽丝问:「我该走哪条路呢?作者: (英)J.R.R.托尔金出版社: 译林出版社副标题: 魔戒现身原作名: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring译者: 朱学恒出版年: 2013-1页数: 464In the evening he went to the cinema to see ‘The Lord of the Rings’, which he had never before had time to see. He thought that orcs, unlike human beings, were simple and uncomplicated creatures.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson谷歌翻译,仅供参考:晚上,他去电影院看《指环王》,这是他以前从来没有时间看的。)注意英文 “-” 符号等于中文的括号,里面的文字用来补充说明。以便你能回来。这句话暗指想像力具有吸引力来让事情成真。

       从每一根树枝的尖端,像一个肥胖的紫色无花果,一个美好的未来在召唤和眨眼。梦千寻书社精选一段资料:有人说:每个诗人,都是有故事的人。最重要的是,要注意。“所以你可以看看‘有趣’,我不确定你知道它的意思。」,但此字还有另外一个意义「机率;可能性」,如:What are the odds that they will mess up?

       从每一根树枝的尖端,像一个肥胖的紫色无花果,一个美好的未来在召唤和眨眼。那些东西能带来幸福。我的世界是一张由文字交织而成的网,一脉相承,一脉相承,思想和形象交织在一起。“Love conquers all," Aphrodite promised. "Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?“He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.”— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Poet「尊重自己的人别人无法攻击;他穿着没有人可以刺穿的链子甲。

       你自己一个人。你的生活模式就在你的手中。例:I believe the issue needs further examination. (我认为这个议题需要进一步的验证。我是我自己的上帝。他盯着我看,我看见他的眼角皱了起来。

       ”―罗尔德·达尔、查理和巧克力工厂罗尔德·达尔(Roald Dahl,—),出生于威尔士卡地夫兰达夫,毕业于天主教兰达夫学校,雷普顿公学,信仰天主教。女孩们将是你的朋友——她们无论如何都会这样做的。这就像被叫做希刺克厉夫,坚持要在花园里度过整个晚上,高喊“凯茜”,头撞在树上。”"There was far too much interest in the past, she thought. People were forever digging up events that had taken place a long time ago. And what was the point in doing this if the effect was merely to poison the present?”something is its own…” 有「某事(人)不为外在所左右」的意味,如:My son, although only 4 years old, is already his own person. He already makes decisions and can even be stubborn. (我的儿子,虽然只有 4 岁,已有他自己的想法,他已会做决定甚至还会固执。

        He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!“When he shall die,Take him and cut him out in little stars,And he will make the face of heaven so fineThat all the world will be in love with nightAnd pay no worship to the garish sun.”― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliettags: death, light, stars机器翻译,仅供参考:“当他死的时候,带他去把他切成小星星,他会让天空变得如此美好全世界都会爱上黑夜也不崇拜艳阳。我们是要决定它是否很棒的那群人,我们没有要出去做市场调查,我们只是想制造我们能制造最好的东西。第五个…Ammu said that human beings were creatures of habit, and it was amazing the kind of things they could get used to. You only had to look around you, Ammu said, to see that beatings with brass vases were the least of them.The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy谷歌翻译,仅供参考:阿穆说,人类是有习惯的生物,他们能习惯的东西真是令人惊讶。茱莉‧安德鲁斯 (1935- ) 是英国演员及歌手,早年的成名作为音乐剧《真善美》,近期则在《麻雀变公主》中演出,她曾获得奥斯卡金像奖、艾美奖、金球奖、葛莱美奖等。